Evergreen copper - 2013, Vibeke Skar
Photo : Simen Skyer

Evergreen copper

In designing this contemporary lamp series, Vibeke Skar and Jens Praet refer strongly to industrial evergreen elements – creating a new light medium that emphasizes the golden age of global industrialisation and the forgotten beauty classic design icons.

The new treated copper lamps all vary in surface colour and materials structure, which add a unique character and a kind of roughness or wariness to their look and appearance. Evergreen creates a dynamic yet highly functional light experience, featuring an iconic design that suits almost every kind of space.

Designed by:

Studio Vibeke Skar and Studio Jens Praet

Produced by:

Northern Lighting


Northern Lighting and Studio Vibeke Skar


D40cm, D30cm

Materials and finishes:

Treated copper

Evergreen copper - 2013, Vibeke Skar