Story Lamp, Vibeke Skar

The story lamp mixes old craftsmanship methods with new technology. The porcelain is slip-casted and burnt, before the pattern is mounted on the curved surface and sandblasted to create the embossed look. These methods visualize the translucent quality in a beautiful way and keeps the raw and authentic look of porcelain.

"Once upon a time there was a lamp called Story. Born in Norway between high mountains and deep fjords, it dreamed of lighting up small wooden houses in the dark forests. With a translucent pattern depicting traditional knitting, it warmed the hearts of the travelers it met on its journey."

Story creates a magical and warm atmosphere, as if taken straight out of a mysterious forest night with trolls and other mythical creatures. The pattern from knitted wool sweaters melts the icicle shaped form, creating a graceful expression.
Designed by:

Studio Vibeke Skar and Ida Noemi


34cm x 20cm x 20cm

Materials and finishes:


Handmade porcelain prototype:

Collaboration between the designers and ceramic artist Ann Kristin Einarsen

Story Lamp, Vibeke Skar
Story Lamp, Vibeke Skar
Story Lamp, Vibeke Skar
Story Lamp, Vibeke Skar